Our History - NGG Timepieces | Rolex Official Retailer
Our History - NGG Timepieces | Rolex Official Retailer

Rolex and NGG Timepieces


A jewel in the provincial capital city of Udon Thani, NGG Timepieces is the most trusted luxury watch retailer in the Northeast of Thailand. With a history rooted in family traditions, our centrally-located boutique marries the Old World charm of the city with the rich heritage of Rolex. Discover our remarkable legacy, where tradition and modernity comes together as one.

An Inspiring Journey

Our story dates back to 1944, when our founder, Mong Jin, settled in Thailand from China to establish the very foundations of NGG Timepieces. Despite his humble beginnings, Mong Jin’s tenacity and entrepreneurial spirit led to a flourishing family business, expanding to include a gold and jewellery boutique – Ngoun Seng Heng – in 1985. Following which, spearheaded by the business acumen of his son Wirot Subhirungul, and wife Suwimon Subhirungul, NGG Timepieces flourished and laid the foundation for its current success. Solidifying its position as a leading luxury watch retailer in Bangkok.   

Our History - NGG Timepieces | Rolex Official Retailer

The Entrepreneur

As the success of NGG Timepieces continues to go from strength to strength, so did the family’s legacy. Having conquered Thailand’s jewellery market, a new chapter unfolds with Thanasak Subhirungul, the eldest son of Wirot Subhiringul, at the helm of the company. A keen jeweller at heart, Thanasak understood the importance of strict quality control in gemmology and decided to set up a factory where he could ensure the standard of the process from start to finish, covering all aspects of production from rough materials to finished jewellery. After laying the strong foundations, he shifted his gaze from jewellery to horology where he was instrumental in diversifying the company’s direction that culminated in their strong position as a leading distributor for luxury Swiss timepieces.

Our History - NGG Timepieces | Rolex Official Retailer

Monumental Partnership

The year 2016 marked a pivotal achievement for NGG Timepieces with the opening of the first and only Rolex boutique in Udon Thani. Strategically located in the district’s prime Central Plaza address, NGG Timepieces offers both locals and tourists a refined shopping experience, set within an elegant atmosphere that truly encapsulates the essence of Rolex. By cultivating a sense of harmony, discretion, and intimacy with the brand, NGG Timepieces has become a trusted name with the region’s cognoscenti – elevating provincial Isaan from a historical landmark to a world-class horological destination.

Our History - NGG Timepieces | Rolex Official Retailer

NGG Timepieces Today

At NGG Timepieces, time isn’t just a business, but a passion that has stood the test of time through generations. By upholding our commitment to unrivalled excellence and keeping abreast of the latest horological trends, we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve. Currently led by the third generation of the founding family, we honour this extraordinary partnership by dedicating to uphold the excellent standards that Rolex is recognised for.

Our History - NGG Timepieces | Rolex Official Retailer Our History - NGG Timepieces | Rolex Official Retailer